Lonely Beach Koh Chang – Thailand’s Backpackers Paradise

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This Lonely Beach guide contains everything you need to know! From accommodation over activities, food, nightlife, insights and more. If you read this guide carefully I promise it will enhance your experience at Lonely Beach a lot! Knowing where to stay, what to eat, which party and bar places fit for you is essential for your stay. Having a daily plan and get to know the best activities for you can also save time and give you the best stay!


Lonely Beach – that’s why you need to go:

There are a lot of beautiful places and beaches on Koh Chang, but for backpackers there is just one place to be: Lonely Beach!

There are many reasons for this, here are some:

Lonely Beach is the perfect mix and has it all – you can find your own chilled spot on the beach, meet a lot of interesting locals and backpackers or do a huge amount of activities all over the beautiful island.

Lonely Beach Koh Chang – what to know

I made this guide because I love Lonely Beach so much that I come back every year. There are many information about Koh Chang out there, but not much about Lonely Beach, so I want to share my experience with you.

All you need to know about Koh Chang, Lonely Beach and a daily plan for activities depending on your amount of time at Lonely Beach on the following sites.

Lonely Beach activities

Lonely Beach is just a little town on Koh Chang. But Koh Chang is the third largest island in Thailand and therefore a lot of activities are waiting.

Some of the activities are directly at Lonely Beach. The others can be booked or reached from Lonely Beach very easily.

There is a list of all possible activities. Also a daily plan with my recommendations for your stay at Lonely Beach. And some deeper information about bigger activities.

Lonely Beach accommodation, food, drinks

Accommodation in Lonely Beach is the cheapest on Koh Chang. It starts with simple bamboo bungalows and dorms from less than 10$ per night and ends with fancy resorts with up to 100$per night.

Lonely Beach is also the main party place on Koh Chang. You can be sure there is something going on nearly every night. Also you have a good choice of nice bars with good and cheap drinks and live music.

Food choices are good as well. From cheap curries and Thai cuisine over big BBQ’s to nice western meals.

Lonely Beach questions and answers

As I get a lot of questions about Lonely Beach be sure to check out my famous FAQ!

Also if you have any specific questions, just write me an email and I promise I get back to you as soon as I can and add your question and answer to the FAQ section!

Thanks for reading and have the best stay at Lonely Beach on Koh Chang!

Cheers Martin

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