Treetop Adventure Park Koh Chang

The Treetop Adventure Park on Koh Chang is a climbing and Zip lining park where you go from platform to platform or tree to tree.

Location: The Park is in Bailan Beach. Just head south from Lonely Beach it’s just a 10 minute drive. At the end of Bailan you will find the entry on the right side. The price includes free transportation otherwise you will get a credit of 150 Baht if you drive by yourself.

Opening hours: daily from 09:00am – 16:00pm

You cannot go through the park free by yourself and have to take a tour. The tours start at: 09:00am, 11:00am and 2:00pm

Price: 1.250 Baht (as mentioned 150 less if you come on your own)

Included in the price are introduction, insurance, equipment, free water and a snack (which is some fruits, nothing big).

Duration: about 2 hours

Requirements: 7+ years old, 140 cm, maximum 110 kg, no flip flops or high heels

Treetop Adventure Park Tour & Review:

There are some spoilers ahead!

Tour: We arrived at the park at 13:45pm. We had to sign the agreement and pay for the tour. After that we could store our bags and got our equipment. We unfortunately had to wait for another group of people and were 14 people. We were glad to be in the front otherwise we would have stuck between slower participants a lot.

After everyone was ready we walked a couple of minutes to the introduction area. There is a mini round where the rules are explained and everyone has to proof he understood it. The training area directly leads into the real first course. It starts a bit slowly but then there are some nice passages and creative paths. Not too easy but definitely not too hard, anyone with a normal shape can do it. The path takes about 30-40 minutes.

The end of the first course is the main area of the park where you got your equipment. You can have a glass of water now and get some fruits, in our case it was some pieces of water melon. After everyone had arrived and was ready we got to the second course. You walk about 5 minutes and then have to climb a high ladder. This is the highest point of the park which starts with the longest Zip lining which I really enjoyed. After that you go on with the course and have some good and some bad objects (board, bike etc.). The course is shorter and takes around 30 minutes to finish.

After arriving back you change again, get your things and that’s about it.


I honestly enjoyed the Treetop Adventure Park. The setting is really nice, it’s in the middle of the jungle and it feels different as in other parks because of that. I felt safe all the time, the equipment and constructions in the park seemed in good shape. The staffs English was not the best but totally ok. Also they were everywhere you needed them and even guided you by long Zip linings or hard obstacles if necessary. Some obstacles are creative and fun (I loved the board-swing) some are not (the bicycle was disappointing). So not a special Treepark but not a bad one as well.

It’ nice to do something different on an island than lying on the beach or going to waterfalls. The price is too high in my opinion as I was a backpacker and it was done for us in about 1.5 hours. But apart from that I really enjoyed the Treetop Adventure Park on Koh Chang and would recommend it.

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