Getting around in Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach itself is a small place and you can easily walk from one end to another in about 30 minutes and reach every place.

There are some places where you can rent a bicycle which is cheap and easy to get around with at Lonely Beach.

You can rent a Scooter. There are many options at Lonely Beach as well. Mostly the accommodation itself offers scooters for rent. Otherwise your best chances are to walk the main street as there are many options. Be sure to check out the site Scooter Tour and do a little round trip while you are at Lonely Beach.

On Koh Chang itself the most popular way to get around are the white hop on / share cabs. From 6am to late night they run around the island at least from the ferry terminals to Bang Bao. Just stand on the street usually it only takes minutes until one of them arrives. Depending on how far your destination is you will pay around 50 Baht for the next beach and 150 for the beach most far away. Negotiating is pointless it is the same price everywhere. At night time the cabs run less frequented and cost more, but often you have no other choice. Alternatively ask the bar, restaurant or accommodation owner to call you a cab.

Last option but quite rare is to rent a private car. Unfortunately there is no place at Lonely Beach where you can directly rent it. But ask the travel agencies and they can manage it for the next day.

While driving the scooter at Lonely Beach be careful! There is a tricky passage right in the north of Lonely Beach with a steep hill in a curve. Be sure to have some experience driving a scooter and not doing it for the first time on Koh Chang! Every year there are some deaths on the roads. Also you see quite some people with injuries from scooter accidents. Just be careful! And be sure to wear a helmet otherwise the police can catch you and fine you with at least 800Baht.

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