Lonely Beach Koh Chang what to do – all things

There is a difference between what you can do at Lonely Beach and what you should do!

Firts I recommend the top 3 things you should do at Lonely Beach. After that follows a list of all things you can do at Koh Chang.

Lonely Beach Koh Chang what to do

Lonely Beach what you should do – top 3 recommendations

As there are many options it’s hard to choose what to do. It strongly depends on your time at Lonely Beach and your preferences. Following I recommend the best things to do in my opinion. Things that were most fun and unforgettable.

1. Snorkeling Trip
The snorkeling trip on Koh Chang from Lonely Beach was my absolute highlight. Amazing snorkel spots, good food, stunning beaches and great people. I can only recommend to do this trip while you’re staying at Lonely Beach – it is a must do!

2. Scooter trip & waterfalls
I also highly recommend to do a scooter trip around Koh Chang while at Lonely Beach. The island is beautiful and there is a lot to explore. From nice viewpoints over beautiful waterfalls to mangroves and hidden beaches.

3. Nightlife and party
You cannot leave without experiencing the party and nightlife at Lonely Beach. It is the party place on Koh Chang and in high season party is nearly every day. Check out the nice bars, live music or club places depending on your preferences.

List of things to do at Lonely Beach and Koh Chang

If you stay at Lonely Beach you have a lot of things to do. Koh Chang is a huge island so it won’t get boring for sure! Everything is pretty easy to reach from Lonely Beach as the location on the island is very good.

The following list is not complete, it should just give you a little introduction and tips of what options you have:

  • All you can eat Buffet
  • Archery
  • Beaches*
  • Bicycle Tour
  • Bird watching
  • Boat Trip
  • Canoeing
  • Canopying
  • Cooking Class*
  • Cricket
  • Crocodile Show
  • Cycling
  • Diving
  • Elephant Camps
  • Fishing Trip
  • Fisherman’s Village
  • Golf Course
  • Gym
  • Island Hopping
  • Kayak Tour*
  • Mangroves
  • Massage*
  • Mountain Biking
  • Muay Thai Boxing
  • Party*
  • Quad Tour
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Shooting Range
  • Shopping*
  • Snake Show
  • Snorkeling
  • Spa
  • Stand up Paddling*
  • Tattoo Artists*
  • Temples
  • Tennis
  • Tree Top Adventure Park
  • Trekking Tours
  • Viewpoints
  • Waterfalls
  • Yoga
  • Zip n Zorb Adventure Park


You see there is a lot to do on Koh Chang and Lonely Beach. All the items marked with an * are available directly at Lonely Beach. All other things are bookable or easily reachable from Lonely Beach.

Lonely Beach – more to know

Following I made three categories. First a daily plan for your stay at Lonely Beach depending on the amount of your time – be sure to check it out. I included a lot of things from the list. Second a more detailed description of the best/biggest activities. At last a bar and party guide just for Lonely Beach.

Daily Plan

Depending on your days at Lonely Beach I made a daily plan of what you can do from a 2 day to a 14 day experience.


Information about the best activities to do at Lonely Beach as waterfalls, scooter tours, boat trips and more.


Lonely Beach is the party place on Koh Chang. Which options you have and what the places offer you will find here.

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