Thai cooking class in Lonely Beach

Right now there is just one place offering Thai cooking classes in Lonely Beach.

The cooking class is at Chili Garden. It’s located in the middle of Lonely Beach. Walk the main street and go into the Soy 2. Then just 50 meters on the left side you will find the Chili Garden.

At daytime it is a cooking school and at nighttime it is a tiny bar. The group of participants are very small just 4 to 8 people. The cooking classes usually start before noon and last 3-4 hours. You will learn to cook some nice thai dishes as soups, curries, pad thai, desserts. All utensils and ingredients are included.

Owner Nid is the host of the cooking class in Lonely Beach. She is a wonderful host, very nice, lovely and speaks very good English!

The price is about 750 Baht with booking at least one day in advance.

I can strongly recommend this cooking class. I had a lot of fun and learned some nice dishes. I’m pretty sure on Koh Chang are better and more experienced cooking classes. But for me this one was more than enough, cheap and I felt in good hands all the time.


Thai cooking class alternatives:

There are quite some other cooking classes on Koh Chang. Some of them located in Klong Prao which is just a 15 minute scooter drive north from Lonely Beach. As there are many good other sites about Koh Chang and I concentrate only on Lonely Beach this is the only thai cooking class so far. If more are coming to Lonely Beach I will add them.

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