Lonely Beach Pub Crawl

There is currently no official pub crawl at Lonely Beach. Sadly said.

But I`m sure there will be one in the future at least at high season. Would fit to the place very good as there are many cool bars and options.

Sometimes, but not planned only spontaneously there is a pub crawl starting at Gu Bay bar at the northern end of the main street in the city. But as I said it is rarely and not at a fixed time.


Lonely Beach do it yourself pub crawl

You can always do a nice pub crawl by yourself. Just get some people together and other will follow. We did that quite some times and it was always a lot of fun. Also it is good at the beginning of your trip to get to know the bars and places you like the most.

Route 1:

Starting at the northern part of Lonely Beach and ending at the main party places.

Mamboo Bar, Gu Bay, Joys Cottage, Banana Leaf, Himmel Bar.

Route 2:

Starting at the southern part of Lonely Beach and also ending at the main party places.

Margaritaville, Chili Garden, Stonefree, Shanti Shanti, Ting Tong.

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