Lonely Beach pizza places

I don’t know why but I got the questions where to buy pizza at Lonely Beach a few times now. In Thailand I personally prefer the thai cuisine, but hey it’s your choice! I have been to every food place at Lonely Beach and so at any pizza place as well. Following I will recommend you my favorite pizza places at Lonely Beach.

Marcos Guest House

As Marco is a real Italian and the menu just offers pizza, nothing else, you know you are at the right place! This is my favorite pizza in Lonely Beach. Italian style, self made in a pizza oven and with a lot of love. I highly recommend this place for pizza. It’s a bit more expensive so plan at least 250 Baht for a pizza. The kitchen is not open every day and they have just a dozen of seats so be sure to head there on time and ask. Once a week they serve Lasagna as well which is not on the menu. Ask for that, it’s delicious as well!

Walk the main street south and hit the Soy 2. After 50 meters you will find Marcos place on the right side.

Sleepy Owl

When you walk by the Sleepy Owl you will see the pizza sign in front. And also the size of the pizza as they have models in front. They have a good variety of fresh made pizza! It’s not Italian style but still tasty. Pizza and drink cost 300 Baht in combo. Side tip: The coffee at Sleepy Owl is excellent and they have fast wifi in the restaurant!

Walk the main street south until it crosses the Soy 2. At the intersection you will see it.

Yummy Restaurant

The Yummy Restaurant also offers nice pizza in my opinion. It’s medium thick and has a good amount of cheese. Also it is a bit cheaper than the other and you can get a pizza from 200 Baht. They have a cinema room in the back so on a lazy night eat your pizza while watching a nice movie in a comfy seat! Movie runs nearly daily and starts around 20.30pm.

Walk the main street south, when the street starts to go up you will find it on the right side.

More pizza places at Lonely Beach

There are of course more places offering pizza at Lonely Beach. A good and solid choice can also be the Lonely Beach Restaurant or Joys Cottage. The pizza at Nature Rocks was not very tasty in my opinion.

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