Lonely Beach pharmacy and doctors

There is only one pharmacy in Lonely Beach. Walk the main street south until it crosses the Soy 2. It is right after the Soy 2 on the right side, next to the Sleeping Owl.

The opening hours of the Lonely Beach pharmacy are a bit weird. Sometimes they just close for some time. And nearly every day they make a lunch break during noon. So be sure to check out the opening hours if you are in need of something.

The alternative and next pharmacy is in Kai Bae. Drive north from Lonely Beach over the little hill. In the town of Kai Bae it’s in the beginning on the right side. About 10 minute drive from Lonely Beach.

If you just need some plasters or simple stuff, go to the 7 Days in Lonely Beach, they have some things as well.

Lonely Beach doctor and medical situation

There is no doctor in Lonely Beach! The next doctor is in Bang Bao. If something happens to you drive south to the Bangbao Health Promotion Center. Drive to Bang Bao and right at the pier which is the last possible street right. Close to the 7 Eleven is the doctor.

There is also a bigger hospital on Koh Chang. Unfortunately it is on the north east side of the island. Which is a 45 minute drive from Lonely Beach on the main street, you can’t miss it. If something really bad happens and there has to be a surgery it is best to drive there. Also it is closer to the pier.

Worst case is getting to the hospital in Trat which has the best medical maintenance, but is hours away. Therefore you need to take the ferry which is close to the hospital.

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