Lonely Beach or White Sand Beach

Well nowadays the question Lonely Beach or White Sand Beach is pretty simple to answer.

I made a little table so just have a look and I’m sure your choice will be easy.

Topic Lonely Beach White Sand Beach
location south west north west
audience backpacker, flashpacker, mostly younger people couples, families, some backpackers
beach 600m, bit rocky at beginning, nice at the end over 2 km, very beautiful
budget cheap to medium

accommodation from 400 Baht, Ø 800 Baht

meal from 50 Baht

medium to high

accommodation from 600 Baht, Ø 1.200 Baht.

meal from 80 Baht

variety of accommodation and restaurants anything from cheap dorm to fancy resort, but limited number

anything from thai cuisine over western food, but still limited in choice and number

biggest variety of accommodation and food places on the island
bars, party and loudness good amount of bars, some party places, noisy at night many bars, few party places, more quiet
business some mini marts, few shops, massage places, scooter renting, one pharmacy, no 7 Eleven biggest choice of business of all kind on the island
street night/food market no yes

I hope this makes your choice Lonely Beach or White Sands Beach easier!

All in all: If you are a younger backpacker or maybe solo traveler that wants to party at some nights and wish for cheap accommodation and food, Lonely Beach is your place! If you have a bit more budget, traveling with family or friends and want a big nice beach, a large variety of food and shops and want to party just once in a while, White Sands Beach is your choice!

If you have specific questions about both beaches don’t hesitate to contact me. I will give you my advice and update this site with the info.

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