Elephant Camps on Koh Chang

And this is the problem here, we are speaking about elephant camps not elephant sanctuaries. During my time on Koh Chang I saw all of the camps and a lot of elephants. But I have and never will go on a tour here! You can see and feel that the elephants are not treated good in those camps. You even see wounds on most of them. Also I have some locals friends on Koh Chang that told me the elephants are treated badly. Every time I was driving by the Ban Changthai Camp in Khlong Prao we stopped, bought some fruits for the elephants and fed and pet them, nothing more.

I had some friends who did the elephant riding/washing and their feedback was actually pretty good. But I just can’t support this here as I think they are not treated well.

I made this site out of completeness and to show you have the option. Please be sure to not just book a tour and at least have a look at the camps for yourself before booking and decide then. I’m pretty sure you will change your mind when you see the chained and injured elephants.

If you really interested in doing an elephant tour in Thailand go to Chiang Mai and visit one of the sanctuaries.

Elephant Camp locations

Ban Chang Thai Elephant Camp in Khlong Prao in the west of Koh Chang

Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp after white sands beach in the north of Koh Chang

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