Lonely Beach drugs like weed and more

Well as I don’t take any drugs I am not an expert, but I got some information for you. As some of my friends smoke weed and I spend a lot of time at Lonely Beach I saw a lot regarding drugs.

You can buy weed pretty easily at Lonely Beach. The key is to ask some locals and be discrete. You don’t have to fear anything so I recommend to just ask. Don’t make it to apparently! So don’t go in a full reggae bar at night and scream for weed. It’s better to go at daytime when they are closed or don’t have many guests. You will never find a local smoking weed in the streets or shouting if anyone wants to buy a joint. Do the same. The weed at Lonely Beach is not the best from what I heard. It differs between bad and medium so don’t expect too much. Of course you can always negotiate and for sure get a better offer as the first one said.

As I don’t call the places by name here some descriptions of places where you might find weed: A popular reggae bar where often is live music, the biggest electronic dance bar on the party street, a beach bar at the rocky part of the beach at the beginning. If you want detailed information don’t hesitate to contact me personally.

If you prefer harder drugs like MDMA etc. you will also get it at Lonely Beach. The tactic should be the same, get to know some locals and kindly ask them. They will give you advise where and how to get it. It is kind of similar to getting weed. Same for the places.

I didn’t find any mushrooms at Lonely Beach so far.

There is one place offering space cookies though. Walk the Soy 2 and 50 meter on the left you find a little bar, maybe ask there.

Lonely Beach drugs and police

To be honest I have never ever seen any police at Lonely beach, except from one day where a backpacker died by accident in a pool.

There will not be any official police walking down the streets or beach. But as I heard from locals there are some policemen undercover or set ups, but even this is very rarely. So you don’t have to worry, you just have to be careful. Best advice is taking the drugs apart from the public. So don’t walk the main street or beach while smoking a joint. Better find a covered corner or go more to the palm trees at a more lonely place at the beach to take it. My friends smoked a lot of weed at Lonely Beach. Even at most hostels and restaurants it wasn’t a problem after asking. No one of them was ever caught or anything.

Still there are stories of police catching backpackers with drugs or doing set ups. If you get caught 5 minutes after you bought weed from a barkeeper you have never talked to before, you’re set up. But even if Thailand still has the death penalty for that, you don’t have to worry too much about your safety. The thing is to have enough money! Corruption is still very high and all that the police wants is your money. They are not actually interested in sending you to prison or trial. So at one point they will say a number and you have to negotiate. It can get very expensive up to a few thousand dollar/euro! But I heard from cases where a few thousand Bath did the job as well. Just be careful.

Lonely Beach drugs warning

This is not about the drugs itself but a warning. I heard this story three times now from people I met at Lonely Beach so I want you to know. Every time a girl was tried to be drugged and sexually offended. It was all at the same place called Siam Beach. I also heard same stories from locals at Lonely Beach, that this place is famous for that and destroys the reputation of Lonely Beach. Just ask some locals, they will tell you all the stories, because everyone knows. As the drugs also erase a lot of the memory from that night they don’t get caught. There were also 2 dead people in the pool of Siam Beach only in 2016 which took drugs. So I strongly recommend to avoid this place!

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