Lonely Beach Bars, Party and Nightlife Guide

Lonely Beach is the party place on Koh Chang. Most of the backpackers also from all other places on Koh Chang come here to party. So if you want nightlife and party Lonely Beach is the place to be as there is something going on every night.

There are happy hours, live music, free buckets, live DJs and seasonal/monthly parties.

As there are many options I made three categories: Bars, party places and events.

Lonely Beach Bars

Banana Leaf

At the end of Soy 1 on the left side

A medium sized reggae bar made with a lot of detail and love. They often have live music, mostly guitar based. Very chilled atmosphere and nice hosts. I enjoyed the times here a lot and it can get crowded on some nights. Also it’s close to the party places.

Cancun Bar

Take the big street to the beach then on the left side

This open and outside bar has some nice seats on the ocean. They have a big bar and serve good drinks with happy hour or free buckets at nearly every night. Sometimes there is a great fire show or some special events. Then the place gets crowded and it can be worth to stay the night. Otherwise a lot of people hit the Soy 1 later and come here for drinks or a round of pool before.

Chili Garden

At the beginning of Soy 2 on the left side

What a great place. This is one of the smallest bars on lonely beach. But it has a special vibe. The owner Nid is such a great and welcoming host. Also there is a bell in the middle of the bar. When someone rings the bell they have to give a round of shots for everyone in the bar. Don’t worry the shots are very cheap just about 30 Baht and there are mostly not many people. When someone starts to ring it the others will follow and even Nid will hit it and you drink for free. The self-made herb-shots differ from very tasty to very disgusting, try them all. This was one of my favorite pre-party places as the atmosphere is great and you get a lot of shots.

Gu Bay Bar

In the north of the main street on the right side

Gu Bay is a nice and chilled tiny bar. You get good cocktails and shots for a fair price. Nice music which is not too noisy. Games like Jenga or funny card games are played at most nights. The place is all about socializing, it’s very easy to get to know people here. Mostly all guests are sitting at one big table or the bar and you just join the group. The owner Sun is a wonderful welcoming and funny guy. Perfect place for pre-party or relaxed nights!

Joy Cottage

North of the main street on the right side

This bigger bar often has good live music with local bands or solo guitar players performing cover music. It’s very relaxed and fun to hang out. Very comfy seats and nice staff. Good place to meet people and having a drink before heading to the party.

Lemon Bar

At the south of the main street right side when you walk south

Lemon bar is one of the newer bars at Lonely Beach. As there is a dorm hostel in the back of the bar this is a good start to the night. Big bar, good music and nice drinks are waiting.


In the south of the main street on the left side

As the name assumes you get a good variety of cocktails here. They also serve food. As it’s not a big place there is no big party going on. But still a good place to have dinner and some great cocktails before moving on.

Mod Bar

Middle of Soy 2 on the right side

A smaller bar with a pool table. You sometimes find local girls here, so be sure to not get into a hooker (unless it’s your thing ;)).

Nature Rocks

At the beginning of the sandy beach

As this is the only bar that is directly at the beach it has a nice view, perfect for sunset. You get some good drinks and cocktails here. Once a week you can watch the fire show from this place which was very good. On crowded nights or events like full moon there will be a nice dance floor and a good crowd as well. Otherwise it will get emptier at later hour as the people go back to the Soy 1 in the city.


In the north of the main street on the right side

This small bar is nice to play a round of pool or darts and having a drink at the bar. Not at place for party.

Siam Beach

Behind the Siam Hut on the rocky beach

You can sit near the ocean and they even have a pool. They do a party once in a while mostly playing electronic or dance music. On these days it can get crowded and you can even spend the whole night at this place.


At the beginning of Soy 2 on the right side

A small and chilled bar with very nice staff. Not a very big or crowded place, but you meet people here every day. You can borrow some games and play with your friends during a nice cold beer. Perfect for bigger groups that want to play some games and having a relaxed pre-party.

Lonely Beach Party Places

Himmel Bar

In the middle of Soy 1 on the left side

This place is named bar and also has a pool table and a little chill out area, but in fact it’s one of the biggest party places on Lonely Beach. They start the night with free buckets or happy hour. The place is very open and has a bigger dance floor. At around midnight the place usually gets very crowded playing 90s, Pop, Dance or RnB. There are even fire shows on the street right in front of it sometimes. You will meet a lot of younger people here having a drink, dancing all night and flirting.

Ting Tong

At the middle end of Soy 1 just a bit behind Himmel on the right

Ting Tong has some nice live music at some nights and a great and comfy chill area at the left side. Then there is a bigger dance floor which gets crowded later at night nearly every day. Often there are DJs playing electronic music. If this kind of music is your choice you’re at the right place. You will meet a lot of people here and can dance all night long. They also have a private area upstairs which you can use as a bigger group for birthdays.

Lonely Beach Party Events and seasonal Highlights

The Moon Parties

As there is always a reason to party you will find Full-Moon, Half-Moon and New-Moon parties at Lonely Beach all the time. Of course the Full-Moon party being the biggest. It surely is not comparable to the famous parties on Koh Phangan. It still can get very crowded on the streets. Be sure to have a look at poster, flyer or facebook sites at Lonely Beach to see what is going on where.

Recommended places for Moon-Parties on Lonely Beach:

Beach: Nature Rocks, Siam Beach, Cancun Bar

City: Himmel Bar, Ting Tong

Seasonal and Holiday dates

Some bigger things will be celebrated every year. As the dates are not always the same have a look for those events.

  • Chinese Lunar New Year (End of January)
  • Valentine’s Day (14.02.)
  • Thai New Year – Songkran (around middle of April)
  • Loi Krathong (middle November – December)
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve

Recommended places on Lonely Beach:

Beach: Nature Rocks, Siam Beach, Cancun Bar

City: Himmel Bar, Ting Tong

Events on Lonely Beach

As those Events are quite unique there is no special list. Just be sure to check out the posters and some facebook pages or ask locals. In 2016 there was a big “Winter Sensation” party at Lonely Beach where nearly everyone from Koh Chang came and danced all night to diverse DJs.

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