About me and this project

Hi I’m Martin, 31, from Germany and travelling is my passion.

For a couple of years now I come back to Thailand and especially to Lonely Beach on Koh Chang. I want to share with you why and what I experienced.

The first time I was just a couple of days at Lonely Beach. Then a couple of weeks because I had an accident. Thank god, because this was the time I really learned to love Lonely Beach. The next times I stayed a couple of months. So I really know what I’m talking about as I lived at Lonely Beach for quite some time.

I had the honour to get to know a lot of people and locals. So this Guide is not only based on my experiences. It also includes knowledge from locals like Sun (Owner at Gu Bay), Nid (Owner of Chili Garden), Marco (Owner of Marcos Guest House) and many other people I met here and that come back for many years now.

It’s a hobby project so it surely is not complete and should not be seen as a perfect guide. Take it as an advisor for your trip to Lonely Beach.

Any advise, tips, errors, addition or whatever you find is highly aprreciated. Please just send me an email.


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